Nominee services

We provide a nominee service to appoint members onto your statutory and administrative corporate bodies

Do you need to appoint someone to your board of directors, supervisory board, board of trustees, or nominate an executive director or president of the board? Then our nominee service is here for you.

The nominee service (provision of candidate executive directors, management board members and supervisory board members) is a service provided in compliance with Act No. 89/2012, the Civil Code, and Act No. 90/2012, on business corporations, by trusted, experienced persons who enjoy full back office support of the APOGEO Group and its complete advisory service.

Abroad, this service is usually simply called a "nominee service"; in other words it is a kind of "body leasing", i.e. hiring competent persons for positions in statutory, control and other corporate bodies, or the inauguration of a particular person onto one particular corporate governance body. This service is commonly used in most European countries (such as the UK, the Netherlands, Cyprus, Malta, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Germany, etc.) as well as overseas, especially in the U.S.A. and Commonwealth countries.

The service is mostly used:

  • For doing business in the Czech Republic by foreign entities;
  • For settling an impending conflict of interests;
  • By companies whose primary business activity is holding property;
  • By business people seeking to avoid exposure in a particular project;  
  • By companies in insolvency, bankruptcy or liquidation, where comprehensive management in cooperation with a team of economic and legal advisors is needed.

SMART Companies offers these "nominee services" and is ready to provide nominees for the statutory and control bodies of our clients. The available candidates are persons with experience in these services, acting under the authorization of the actual company owner.

Members of the team providing the "nominee service" include:

  • Not only citizens of the Czech Republic,
  • But also citizens of other European Union Member States
  • As well as from outside the European Union.

Many of our people possess experience in providing this service abroad. The principal guarantees for the client are the provisions of Sections 1400–1447 of the new Civil Code on the administration of assets of another person or entity, and Sections 51–53 of the Business Corporations Act on rules governing the conduct of board members.

The "nominee service" is provided to those companies:

  • Not only with zero activity,
  • But also those fully operational
  • In bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings.

Key aspects of the "nominee service" on our side include:

  • Absolute reliability;
  • Absolute confidentiality;
  • Providing the required flexibility;
  • An approved budget;

Are you self-employed and have you decided to change profession or begin another trade? This may not be as easy as you think. One of the drawbacks of some trades is that in order to be allowed to practice them you are required to submit the relevant credentials or proof of professional experience, or both.

A self-employed individual or legal entity doing business who does not meet the conditions required for such trade may therefore in some cases require a responsible representative through whom the trade can be operated.

The responsible representative thereby enables business to be conducted on the basis of a trade certificate for which the self-employed tradesman or entrepreneur does not possess the required qualifications (education or experience, or both) or has ceased to possess them.

An entrepreneur doing business by means of his or her responsible representative is liable for ensuring the latter's participation in conducting the trade in the required extent. Our responsible representatives provide an external advisory and supervisory service. The responsibility for any work done is however always borne by the tradesman and not his or her responsible representative.

Please note that in the case of notified trade, the responsible representative can perform such role from their date of appointment, provided the regulatory conditions have been fulfilled accordingly.

We offer responsible representatives in the following fields of business:

  • Catering;
  • Road and motor transport;
  • Bricklaying and plastering.

Are you interested in our services? Any questions?

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