Data box management

With us, you won’t miss any important message.

What is a data box?

An electronic repository established pursuant to Act No. 300/2008 Coll., which is intended for the delivery of electronic documents between public authorities and natural persons or legal entities, and also among natural persons and legal entities themselves.

Who is obliged to have a data box?

  • Public authorities
  • Legal entities registered in the Commercial Register
  • From 2023, a data box will be mandatory for all entrepreneurs (self-employed persons) (having a data box is now optional for the majority of entrepreneurs, and a non-business individual may get one too).


  • No more hours in queues at the post office; your fate is no longer in the hands of a mail carrier
  • Public authorities are obliged to send documents preferentially to data boxes
  • Communication with addressees can be proven (including reminders)


  • Due to the legal fiction of delivery, the holder of the box is de facto obliged to collect documents from the box.
  • Overlooking a message
  • Forgetting to reply

Don't want to waste your time with your data box?

  • We’ll check your data box regularly
  • We’ll send messages to your email + securely archive them
  • Just call us, and we’ll get you e.g. a necessary statement or send your tax return
  • We’ll arrange a reply according to your instructions, we’ll remind you of the need for a response
  • If necessary, we’ll create a professional reply for you!

For example, if you receive a payment order or if a financial audit is initiated during your holiday. We will lodge a statement of opposition, start professional communication with the tax administrator or get the help of a tax advisor if instructed by you.

With us, you won’t miss any important message. We do not collect messages on Fridays or before holidays due to procedural deadlines, unless you wish us to.

Service price
data box management (up to 5 messages per month) From CZK 499 / month

VAT not included.



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