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The most frequently asked questions we get generally concern incorporating companies abroad, asset protection and anonymity. You can submit new questions by e-mail or using the contact form.

Is a ready-made company somehow different from one that I established myself?

No. The only difference with a ready-made company is that it is not incorporated by you, but prepared beforehand by us; i.e. it is ready for immediate use and we only transfer it to you and settle the related formalities. Hence you do not have to go through the lengthy process of incorporation. Unlike establishing a company from scratch, a ready-made company allows you to get started in business much quicker - and with low initial costs. The company can act right away and, being ready-made, its equity is fully paid up – so there is no need to find money for the starting equity (e.g. CZK 200,000). In addition, the ready-made company is already entered in the Commercial Register, which eliminates the risk that the court does not register it. Besides which, changes to an already registered company are accepted by the court more readily than for a brand new company.

Can I get a company from you with higher equity?

Yes, that is a frequent requirement. We can transfer such a company to you according to your choice from our current offer, or if you have a specific equity requirement, we can incorporate a tailor-made company for you. Our standard offer includes a ready-made limited liability company with equity in the amount of CZK 200,000 and a ready-made joint-stock company with equity in the amount of CZK 2,000,000. But we can also provide a tailor-made company with equity amounting to CZK 10,000,000, for example, or even more on request.

How do you guarantee that the company really does not owe anything to anybody?

Our companies have no business or financial history. We are the only company of its kind which has our companies' non-indebtedness guaranteed by the certificate of independent auditor, a member of the Chamber of Auditors of the Czech Republic. Our auditors are in addition governed by Act No. 93/2009, on auditors and on the amendment of certain other acts, and their statements possess a completely different legal value and enforceability than usually found with warranties and declarations. If you are concerned about company indebtedness, we are the most trustworthy choice in the Czech Republic.

Can I buy an older company from you?

Yes, you can. We also offer such companies; in fact, the oldest companies in our portfolio were incorporated back in 2007. And please note that these companies too are free of any debt and that their business history is absolutely pure. They come with a certificate attesting to such facts from a member of the Czech Chamber of Auditors.

What is the use of older companies?

Older companies are an especially suitable choice in situations when the new partner is going to take part in competitions, tenders or projects for which the contracting authority requests a certain age of company for reasons of its increased prestige and trustworthiness. Another frequent reason is the fact that an older company is more trusted in business relations and in its external presentation. The reasons can be many, though.

Is it possible to ensure the anonymity of company ownership in the Czech Republic? How?

Yes, should you need it, you can use our nomination service to appoint members of your company bodies. As a result, a competent person will act on you and your company's behalf, or you might have a company founded in a jurisdiction with a high level of privacy protection, i.e. in a jurisdiction with a non-public commercial register – for more information see

What is included in the price I pay for a ready-made company?

Unlike some other providers of ready-made companies, our prices are final, transparent and all-inclusive. They include:

  • The organization of a general meeting and basic changes to the articles of incorporation/association in the form of a notarial deed, representation at the general meeting, including the related notarial fees (please note that this item in particular is not always part of the price advertised by some company providers who offer suspiciously low prices! The price of this item usually amounts to about CZK 5,000!);
  • Company incorporation and entry into the Commercial Register;
  • A meeting with a specialist in company establishment and transfer;
  • Preparation of the complete documentation needed for the company transfer;
  • Organization of a general meeting (to decide the appointment of an executive director or transfer of 100% business share into the company);
  • Change of the company's registered office with municipality;
  • Company registration as a VAT payer;
  • Preparation and finalization of the proposal for entry into the Commercial Register;
  • Representation before the court administering the Commercial Register, trades office and tax office
  • Administrative fees for notarization of signatures and documentation
  • Confirmation of non-indebtedness certified by an independent auditor;
  • Unqualified trade – reporting the business activity, including administrative fee
  • Court fee of CZK 2,000/CZK 5,000 for a proposal to change an entry in the Commercial Register;
  • Creation of a company web site;
  • Opening and account and 2 years of keeping an account with Sberbank CZ, a.s.

Our prices are not conditional upon purchasing our other services.

How long does it take to acquire a ready-made company?

Transfer of a ready-made company can be completed in 1 day (8 hours). - Following previous agreement the company can then be used for business immediately. What needs to be taken into account, however, is that the entry of changes in the Commercial Register may take up to 8 days.

Why should I use your particular services? Your competitors also offer ready-made companies...

If it is important for you to have a really well "built" company, established by experts, properly set up from the tax point of view, and genuinely free of any debts or obligations, you would be unwise to go anywhere else. Read through the points below and make up your own mind:

  • We have been in the market for 14 years. We therefore possess not only a tradition, but also long-term experience in the sale of ready-made companies and related services.
    SMART Office & Companies, s.r.o. is one of the foremost companies and a market leader in ready-made company procurement and in the provision of office center services;
  • The prices of our products are always transparent, all-inclusive and final. We do not make our prices conditional! We do not force you to buy other services from us, like many of our competitors do;
  • Our company is member of the APOGEO advisory group, allowing it to draw on a well-coordinated team of tax advisors, auditors, expert assessors and accountants; And last but not least, we are ČSN ISO/EIC 27001 and ČSN EN ISO 9001 certified.
  • We always address your needs and requirements individually, with our experts applying their ingenuity and resourcefulness based on the particular circumstances of your case.
  • We are the only company in the market to have guaranteed zero indebtedness certified by an independent auditor – a member of the Chamber of Auditors of the Czech Republic.
  • Our products show the best price to performance ratio on the market: thanks to which we can boast of hundreds of satisfied customers.

Is it true that if I acquire a ready-made company I do not need money to pay up the equity?

Of course, the equity in a ready-made company is already fully paid up. While on the subject, we would like to warn you that some companies offering this service for a suspiciously low price may have set this process incorrectly, with the consequence that the tax office reviews the transaction and imposes additional tax on you as the client!

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