Company liquidations

We take on all liabilities and concerns connected with company liquidations

Do you need to stop trading or wind up your company? Do you need to get rid of your business corporation/company? We will take care of everything – assiduously and with absolute confidentiality.

What is liquidation?

Liquidation is the sum of activities and actions (especially economic and legal) geared towards winding up your company and thereby terminating its business activities. The result of liquidation is the termination of all business relationships, the elimination of all assets and liabilities and deletion from the Commercial Register, by which the company ceases to exist.

Winding up a company with liquidation expresses the partners' commitment to resolving everything in a serious manner, and is considered the honorable and legal method by which partners decide to terminate a company's activities and dissolve it.

How we conduct the process:

Liquidation begins by an analysis of the company in liquidation, carried out in cooperation with tax advisors and auditors from our APOGEO Group. After that, we take over the management of your company, from which moment your participation will end.

We therefore take over full responsibility for the supervision and all the concerns and responsibilities related to the liquidation process. In the case of indebted companies, we following all proceedings right to their very conclusion, including insolvency proceedings or bankruptcy proceedings. Liquidation is successfully concluded with the deletion of the company from the Commercial Register, and thereby its dissolution.

The length of the liquidation process is usually 6 months in less complicated cases. The price of liquidation is subject to individual assessment.

The liquidation process is professionally managed by our experts, which is in your vital interest. The process is always implemented assiduously, confidentially and with minimum risk for the client. Our solution options are very varied.

We generally inform our clients that indebted companies are not usually suitable for liquidation, but even in such cases we are able to help you quickly and efficiently. Please contact us for more information.

We should warn you that claims made by some providers of similar services, such as "We will immediately absolve you from your liabilities, obligations, etc." can never be true. We especially warn against offers of cheap repurchase deals, which may not necessarily lead to your company being liquidated! Non-professional liquidation often causes financial losses that return to haunt the partners! 

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